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All students supported by Kwizera Hope receive a monthly allowance for purchasing food, room and board, clothing and school supplies.

In addition, KH has purchased and shipped (3) laptops for students currently attending university. 


Timothy is 24 years old and has been supported by KH since 2009. He is currently completing his second year at Rwanda Tourism University College in Gisenyi, Rwanda where he studies tourism and technology. Timothy is enjoys running and is one of Rwanda's fastest runners! As Timothy is one of Rwanda's fastest runners and will be competing in the 800m race at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland from July 23-August 3, 2014.

Ziggy is 25 and has been supported by KH since 2009. He will be enrolled at the National University of Rwanda this fall to study Arts, Media and Social Science. 

Jean d’Amour is 23 and has been supported by KH since 2009. He is currently enrolled in S5 (American equivalent to junior year) at Nyamata High School.

David Ndahiro is a recent graduate of the Independent Institute of Lay Adventists of Kigali, faculty of Law.  David grew up in Uganda and later lived at Gakoni Adventist Orphanage.  It was at the orphanage where David and I crossed paths and realized he spoke the best English I had ever heard (in Rwanda). Due to his skill set, his presence was vital at the orphanage. He agreed to my proposal, that in exchange for school fees he would come live at the orphanage and be our translator. For that we are eternally grateful! When David isn’t working he basks in his uncanny resemblance to the President of Rwanda and travels the country impersonating him.