The Tale of Jean d'Amour's Life


                                           SUB-THEME 1: MY LIFE BEFORE RESIDING IN AN ORPHANAGE

Though I don’t recall details of my life before residing in an orphanage, the little things I can still remember is that we were dwelling in a concentration camp because of the Genocide tragedy that befell our country by then .That concentration camp was situated in Tanzania and its name was BENAKO sincerely those are the few facts I can still recall about my life before orphanage.

                                                     SUB-THEME 2: MY LIFE IN AN ORPHANAGE

In 1998 Red Cross organization took us away from the camp and brought us in the orphanage by then I suggest I was aged 4, so when we had spent few years in the orphanage some of my colleagues found their relatives, families, parents, kinsmen. Unfortunately I did not find mine up to date. After spending three (3) years in the orphanage, they took us to school and that’s how I began schooling, six (6) years later I completed my primary but I studied in appalling conditions to the extent that I would come back from school and fail to get what to eat, sometimes I would miss school for trivial matters or on no account.

Considering my colleagues in the orphanage and people in the charge of the orphanage no one showed passion for me and that culminated into my desperate living and I was always pessimistic. Reflecting back on my education, I completed primary six (p.6) after sitting national examination where I succeeded and managed to make it to senior one (s.1) in 2009 but in s.1 I faced turbulent situations like changing from studying in French to studying in English my academic performance by then leaved a lot to be desired more over no one inspired me at all, nevertheless I endured all the dire situations till I completed s.1.

In 2010 it was my turning point when I met piteous Michelle, she tried to show me the reverence of education she obliged herself with her sympathetic heart to meet all my needs and alter my entire pessimistic life into an optimistic life! From then that is when I commenced living a hopeful life nowadays I can smile, joke with friends which is a reverse of my past frankly people who knew me before are overwhelmed by my present way of living.

May almighty God reward Michelle abundantly because she did a selfless and an unequalled action for me! It’s my sincere hope that she did it not because of much money, she might be possessing but because of her passionate heart.

                                                                  By: MANIRAKIZA JEAN D’AMOUR